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An Artistic Exploration Fund for
Women/Femmes of Colour Ages 35+

In reflecting on our own artistic sensibilities, both of us realized how much we owe to our mothers’ creative spirits.

Vivek’s mom was always trying to find ways to be creative—maybe to enliven the bleakness of immigrant life in Canada. She religiously enrolled in cake decorating, copper tooling, ceramics, and flower arranging classes. Growing up surrounded by her mom’s beautiful creations in their home, perhaps it’s not a surprise Vivek became an artist.

Shemeena’s mom never took any formal classes, but she found ways to use her creative energy and generosity of spirit to make the everyday artful. She used her attention to detail and beauty in service of her family and community, from making or sourcing the best Halloween costumes, to growing the Navoroz roji for all the khanes. Shemeena wishes she had encouraged her mom to take art classes or suggested that they take a class together.

Inspired by our mothers, we are offering a $500 grant to 10 women/femmes of colour (BIPOC) in Canada who are 35 years or older, to pay for any art course of their choosing.

Nominations are closed as of April 15, 2022. Please watch this space for news of awards.

— Vivek & Shemeena